Oh. My. Goodness.

I am so happy and grateful I could cry!

You guys are the BEST, my heart is completely overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness. It is hard to sum up in words how grateful  I am for each of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who gave financially towards my trip or committed to praying for me as I continue working for this incredible ministry. It is overwhelmingly encouraging to have such a strong support system around me that encourages me, covers me in prayer and continues to walk alongside me so faithfully.

As of now, I need to raise about $400.00 more dollars to have my trip fully funded! All I can say is THANK YOU over and over as I am continually humbled and extremely grateful for each dollar that has come in! I know I am not deserving of such gratitude by ANY means, but I am grateful that the Lord nudged many your hearts towards giving and you responded. I am absolutely speechless and completely overwhelmed. Thank you a million times over, my heart is overflowing!

If you feel led to give in any amount you can do so here:

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God with awe, for our God is a consuming fire.”

Hebrews 12:28-29


Going back to Zambia!

Sweet Friends & Family,

Long time no see! I have to admit it is a little embarrassing that it has been over a year since my last blog post. I do apologize for my EXTREME delay in updating each and everyone of you as to what has been going on in my world. I am VERY excited to inform you that I am going to be heading back to Zambia in July! I cannot wait to hug those precious smiling faces and spend time loving on our children. There is nothing like being around those radiant, loving, joyful children. I am honored to be part of this ministry and honored to be part of something that is drastically larger than myself. I cannot even express to you in words what it is like to hold, love on, and spend time with these children who have come from the WORST of the worst situations. There is nothing that I have ever experienced that shows me more of God’s heart for HIS children than being with the 500+ children who live in our full time care at the Tree of Life Children’s Village! Learn more about the Tree of Life Children’s Village here:

For those of you who do not fully know or understand what it is that I do, I work for Family Legacy Missions International which is a  non profit ministry serving the orphaned and vulnerable children of Lusaka, Zambia. I am the assistant to our Vice President and have the pleasure of working alongside her while simultaneously helping with donor relations and other financial tasks. This ministry is fueled by such vision, passion, and the Lord’s hand has guided and directed each path taken. Never have I been apart of something so anointed by God! The main vein of what we do happens each summer when over 700+ Americans come over (about 100 per week) and act ask camp counselors to 10 Zambian orphans. This is the week that changes peoples lives, this makes statistics real, and this puts a face with a story that will resonate in their American counselors heart forever. Learn more about Camp LIFE here:

I am currently working on raising the funds needed for my trip in July, I need to raise about $2,000.00 more dollars to have my trip covered. It has been extremely humbling to see the responses from those of you who donated in honor of my 25th birthday (which was on May 27th) It is truly profound how the Lord works and I am continually blown away by the generosity, prayers, and support I have received and continue to receive from so many of you. There is truly nothing in this world that I want more than to go and see these precious children, it is truly worth every penny and is like a slice of heaven.

If you feel led to give any amount please make your tax-deductible donation here:

I am truly thankful for each of you and pray that God blesses you today!

Joyfully serving HIS children,


Words: Learning To Watch My Mouth

It is SO crazy to me how much power our words have. They matter. They are definitive. They change things. They can create walls, or tear them down.

I often think about how when a man proposes — and the power of that YES from his giddy new fiance. Or as a believer, that definitive moment of choosing Christ as your savior. Making such an incredible decision to abandon your selfish desires and choose to serve the Lord instead of man.

We can change our lives DRASTICALLY with one word, one syllable changes everything. I often get into a little trouble for being flippant or a little sassy with my mouth. But I need to really contemplate how my words matter. The tone, the timing, my attitude/motive behind them, etc. These things drastically change their impact and change their affect.

As a wife this holds even more true, being gracious, loving, quick to listen and slow to speak. These are things I constantly remind myself of. Men, or my man I guess is much better than I am about this. It is something that I deeply respect about him. He thinks about the affects of his words and really watches his tongue.

Ladies, I know we use our mouths as our greatest weapons, but what if we took the weapon side of it and changed it to be only edifying, and spoken in love. I know it is not realistic that we wont get frustrated and still say things we wish we didn’t. But, taking a different thought path and really retraining our minds to think about how what we speak aligns with our hearts desire, our motives, our beliefs. If we are to try (best we can) to be like Jesus was, let us also use our words the way that he used his.

I know it is a LOT easier said than done, but take the time to really contemplate how you speak. Think about whether or not you’d be embarrassed if Jesus was sitting behind you in a restaurant. Crazy to think about, I know there are times when I would be so embarrassed if he heard what I was saying.

I am NOT trying to make anyone feel ashamed or like I’m shaking my finger at them because shoot I am 100% guilt of this but it’s just food for thought!

Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
    and those who love it will eat its fruits.”


My husband and I moved several months ago and I was practically OBSESSED with decorating our apartment and making it feel like home. This is something I have learned is very important to my husband, just that our home feels cozy, put together, etc. I had finished the living room/kitchen/dining room, but was still wanting to add more to our bedroom! That’s when I came across this glorious idea on pinterest!

**I MUST preface this with the fact that I have NEVER done anything off of Pinterest and was feeling quite skeptical that it might not come out the way that I wanted**

I found this blog:

And knew instantly this Pinterest idea was TOTALLY worth a shot!

I printed out the stencil (free from that blog) cut it out, traced it and began… Of course being me the first one I did was crooked and off-centered but hey! There’s beauty in imperfection right? 🙂 Husband said it gave it some character. So I naturally placed the kinda messed up one in the middle – so the better ones would balance it out.

The only part that I struggled with a little was after tracing the stencil — realizing I needed to trace around the outside to get the other set of lines which would be painted. I did this just freehand because I’m kinda flippant and fly by the seat of my pants occasionally — this was one of those moments.

I was really pleased with how these turned out!

Here are some photos of the process:




If you need a cheap, easy way to decorate your bedroom this is it! I spent a total of $30 on the canvas, paint, and brush. However, it was definitely worth it considering I’ve spent some serious time searching for something to go over our bed!


Here goes nothin’

Welp, I did it… I know its super trendy and everybody is kinda doing it (peer pressure at its finest) but I wanted to start a blog. I’m not sure what all will be included in this blog, however, it is just something that I feel passionate about! I want to talk about several different things whether it be easy recipes for new wives, my attempts at being pinterest savvy, things God puts on my heart, etc. I just want somewhere that people feel they relate to, specifically young women!

I know that this world we live in is one that can be very competitive and self-seeking (especially for girls) I want this to be a place I share things I have walked through, experienced, and learned while growing in my faith and as a wife.

I recently attended a women’s conference which I have gone to for about 4 years now, typically I do come away feeling enriched, filled up, and ready to pour out what I have learned and activate it in my daily life. This conference, however, drastically changed the way I view my daily routine/duties/priorities… the speaker talked about “owning your zone,” and what it looks like to really take authority over areas of your life you have been timid or areas you might have neglected. The speaker talked about how women are often apathetic towards certain areas of their day-to-day life where they feel they cannot change it. Often we as women think we are weak, not able to accomplish certain things, we have pity parties, you know the drill. I immediately felt convicted as the speaker continued in this topic because I know that there are areas in my own life where I have not boldly proclaimed the Lord’s sovereignty and applied the faith I know is in my heart. After her speech I felt completely empowered to choose to trust God’s authority in areas that I had neglected or left untouched. Whether it be little things or big, I knew that this whole idea of owning my zone was one I needed to consciously apply and live by.

Where you come in… Ladies, I know that we are supposed to be more timid, poised, shy, and maybe a little more reserved in the way we live our lives, and I 100% believe that in every area except when it comes to being a follower of Christ and a woman. My hearts desire is that women would gear up completely suited for their every day battles of the flesh and that we would take on our days with the authority we have through Christ. That we would activate the power the Lord has given us and choose to trust him, activate the tools and spiritual gifts he has equipped us with and boldly use them like we have not before.

I wish it was free but it is DEFINITELY worth every single penny, here’s the sermon I was referring to… it is by Charlotte Gambill and it is AMAZING!

The link is below:                                   OWN YOUR ZONE

Just wanted to put my first post out there and give it a shot — seriously listen to that sermon it is AMAZING!

walking in His grace,